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St. Argestis

St. Argestis

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Amaro Falso

Created as the non-alcoholic counterpart to our beloved St. Agrestis Amaro, Amaro Falso is made using the same combination of all-natural citrus, botanical, and herbal ingredients found in our spiritous version, sans alcohol.

Ready-to-drink and individually portioned, Amaro Falso is similar to an Amaro Highball, driven by nuanced notes of herbal spice, mint and bitter complexity from gentian root. The result is a refreshing beverage that makes it an ideal cocktail that fans of Italian aperitivi and digestivi expect.

Phony Negroni

Produced and bottled by St. Agrestis at their Brooklyn, NY distillery, the Phony Negroni is made with 30 non-GMO, organic ingredients. With nuanced juniper, citrus, and floral notes, the Phony Negroni drinks with the same bitterness drinkers of the classic cocktail expect, alcohol free. A touch of carbonation is also added to help mimic the bite that alcohol typically provides.

Made ready to drink, all you need is a bottle opener to enjoy the same award-winning beverage served at countless Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned cocktail bars around the United States and Canada. Enjoy chilled straight from the bottle or over ice with an orange twist.


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