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Audacia Elixirs

Audacia Elixirs

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Our Ambrosia elixir is both our most welcoming and easy drinking elixir, yet at the same time, our most intriguing and unfamiliar from a flavor profile perspective. This is thanks in large part, to two ingredients in particular: schisandra berries and linden leaf & flower. These two herbs aren’t as familiar to most and yet they create a wonderful, inviting flavor profile to this elixir.

Rose and rose hips, along with hibiscus help round out a flavor profile that in profoundly unique and tantalizing. The beautiful dark shade of red comes from the schisandra berries, roses and hibiscus.

This elixir tends to be on the tart side of the spectrum when enjoyed by itself.

You can enjoy this elixir in any form you can dream up! We also have to note that this elixir also makes for an incredible mixer addition to traditional boozy cocktails if so desired!

Ingredients: Spring Water, Schisandra Berries*, Rosehips*, Hibiscus Flowers*, Rose Buds & Petals*, Linden Flower & Leaf* & Icelandic Salt.

*organic ingredients.

Both come in 375ml bottles.

Aurum is often called our most “spirit” like elixir due to it’s robust botanical profile and bitterness (or bite) that is the result of both the botanicals and the fresh grapefruit and lemon (including the peel, pith and seeds).

This beautiful golden colored elixir (thanks to the turmeric) is flavor complex with familiar flavor profiles of citrus, anise, spice and bitterness.

This elixir can be served in anyway you please, from enjoying it on the rocks to creating a delicious craft elixir cocktail!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Fenugreek*, Juniper Berry*, Fennel Seed*, Turmeric*, Black Pepper* & Icelandic Salt.

*organic ingredients.

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