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The Nervous System, Somatic Work & Getting Unstuck

The Nervous System, Somatic Work & Getting Unstuck

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If you have a history of rushing through your life, staying up in your head, putting out 🔥fires🔥, overbooking yourself, and putting others first, then this series is for you.

If you've tried every planner, schedule, and self-help book around and still feel stressed and overwhelmed, then join me for a conversation on getting unstuck and more into alignment through the mind-body connection through somatic work and nervous system regulation.

This is an experiential conversation meant to allow you to be curious about what resilience means for you.  The focus is on  are biologically based skills that are founded in neuroscience and psychology.  A new perspective on those old patterns offers an opportunity to take these practices with you into your life and start moving toward what you want for yourself.

This is a sliding scale pricing structure. Please choose the option that is most available and financially sustainable for you. 

When: Monday, August 5th, 6-8pm

Taught by: Trisha Wolfe 

Hi - I’m Trisha Wolfe.  NARM® & Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Therapist, and Resilience Educator. My life has always been centered on a love of learning and curiosity.  On my own journey, I became curious about what makes people do things the day, even when it goes against what they want for themselves.  My exploration has led to a Master’s degree in mental health, an in-progress Ph.D., and 8 years of training on complex trauma, attachment patterns, human development, somatics, relational trauma, and more.  What I love the most is supporting people in getting unstuck by uncovering their unconscious roadblocks and reconnecting their mind and body.

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