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Secondhand Social Club

No Worries! Improv Class

No Worries! Improv Class

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No Worries! Improv
Calling all those who want to show up, low-key learn some improv, grab snacks, and maybe dance like a goblin—if that's your thing. Are you a seasoned professional improvisor? Get outta here! This workshop, is designed for those who want the thrill without the pressure.


Saturday, April 6th, 5:30-7pm

About the Teacher
Hi, I'm Kali Meadows and the first time I tried improv, I ran away. The anxiety flowing through my veins told me to floor it. And I did. Until a year later when I tried it again and realized improv was fun and a great way to let loose and embrace the here and now. I went on to study the art for nearly a decade and I graduated from the Groundlings School in Los Angeles. And I’ve had far less panic attacks since.

* Meet new friends
* Try something New
* Boost Creativity
* Help Anxiety
* Break the Ice
* Handle Uncertainty

Do I Need Any Experience?
Nope! This class is designed for the non-performer, allowing everyone to experience the thrill without pressure.

I Need to be Funny, Right?
Not at all. You just need to be open to letting go a little.

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