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Ecstatic dance

Ecstatic dance

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Ecstatic dance is a free form dance, with no choreography. Simply intuitive movement. The dance playlist creates a wave of rhythms to facilitate journeying. The intention is to form community connection and connection with one's body/mind and soul. The mirror of the muse dance will include a journey of soul gazing, solo soul gazing, mirror gazing and seeing through dance. Seeing beyond the physical eyes. Seeing with the soul, the heart, the felt senses. We will begin with an opening circle, ritual/meditation then dance for an hour and return in a closing sharing circle. No prior ecstatic dance nor soul gazing experience needed. All are welcome and show up as you are.
March 23rd, 6-8pm
Held by: River (she/they) and Taylor (he/him)
River’s Bio:

Dance has been a soulful companion throughout my life. I first discovered ecstatic dance in the Red Woods of California in 2019 and became inspired to share this embodied, community driven and holistic practice. It has been a gift to host and co-create events in Lansing and Traverse City, Michigan, along with British Columbia, Canada. Ecstatic dance offers organic body movement, feeling waves of e-motions and connecting in a space that is supportive and liberating. Dance feels like home and sharing it is a calling and return to love. (Credentials: osteopathic healer, artist, ecstatic dance facilitator)

Taylor's Bio:

According to the human design system, I am a reflector, according to western astrology, I am a Gemini sun sign. According to myself, I am a playful tea drinking star gazing cosmic dancing plant listening wizard. I have a deep desire to hold space for true emotions to be expressed and honored, whatever may be. Like River, I found ecstatic dance in the west coast. I was deep in the mountains of Southern Oregon and valued the encouragement of expression and community that ecstatic dance brought. Prior to engaging in freeform dance, I greatly enjoyed engaging in African and Modern Dance styles in college. At the same time, I discovered a deep love of nature and gazing deeply at the people and places around me to discover our place in it all. I am on a journey of discovering how all of these interests fit together, and answering the question of how we can hold all that we are and all that the people and places around us want to share, as authentically and respectfully as possible.

~Nature and Youth Educator, Traveling Tea Wizard~
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